Tracy Miles

London, UK Customer Support Manager

Tracy spent seven years as the woman who was called in when a casino had customer service problems they wanted settled quickly. Her job was to go to a casino and lead up a customer service team that was performing badly. She’d see what they were doing and what was causing them to make mistakes. Then she’d implement new policies to change the bad customer service to great customer service. And after that, she’d leave and do the same thing for another casino. This left her with great insights as to why customer service can go so badly and how simple it is to fix a problem once you identify what it is.

Sometimes this was a lack of training. Sometimes it was hiring the wrong people for the job. Whatever it was, Tracy was able to sniff it out and put in better programs that ran really well. This gives her insights into what goes wrong with customer service when we find out a company is not providing good customer service.

When it comes to gambling, Tracy is a fan of European roulette. She won’t go near the American version, as she feels the inclusion of the extra zero skews the odds too much into the house’s favour. She has currently settled in London and is writing a book on how to improve customer service for all types of websites. Helping customers out is her passion, and she’s proud of it.

In her time off from work, she likes puttering around in her garden and volunteering for various charities. She’s really a good person at heart and wants to be helpful to the flowers and the unfortunate. Beth will go to bat for you and make sure you come out as a winner. And she’s merciless when it comes to evaluating customer service. She had to be as that was her job for so many years. Arsenal is her favourite sports teams, despite the fact that she currently lives in London. But we don’t hold that against her. She’s only human after all. And we all have our faults – even Beth with her choice of sports teams.

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