Steve Boules

London, UK Customer Support Specialist

Steve comes from a web design background. For four years, he was the guy online casinos went to when they wanted their customer service interface designed for them. That taught him the ins and out of how casino customer service departments are designed to deal with customers.

From his perspective, he saw it all – including casinos that had no customer service staff at all and instead used online bots to pretend to be people to respond to customer’s concerns. He learned a great deal about what can go right and what can go wrong from the technical side in customer service. Poorly written code can often cause miscommunication between the player and the customer service staff.

When Steve looks at customer service, he looks to see where the tech could be better. After all, he knows that bad customer service isn’t always the fault of the people who work there. Sometimes they just aren’t provided with the resources they need to get the job done right.

Steve’s favourite team is Manchester United, and he follows the matches very closely. When it comes to gambling, he likes playing baccarat. For the most part, though, he still designs the working of websites for companies large and small. He’s become quite the expert at designing the best customer service interfaces for all types of sites. Steve is a master of making sure that the Live Chat connects with the right customer service person quickly and easily.

When it comes to evaluating customer service he looks at the technical side of things. Is it connecting the person with customer service fast enough? Do the customer service people appear to be dealing with more than one customer at a time? This all comes into play when Steve is looking at how customer service works for the average casino.

When not building sites or helping us out, Steve lives in London with his wife and two sons. He also likes the works of Stephen King. He’s a great guy to have on call and helping us out. He’s a real team player. We think we’ll keep him around for a while!

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