Paul Heinfeld

London, UK Ex Casino Manager

Paul was an upper-level executive at two UK based casinos. This gives him experience in how managing customer service departments work. He understands the pressure they are under. He knows that upper management wants good customer service – but don’t always want to pay for it. Paul explained to his bosses why good customer service really matters, and why it is one of the best things a casino website can put their money in.

Paul is currently retired from the casino business but likes to help us out with his expertise. He can often explain why a casino’s customer service is bad and point out where they should have invested their money a little bit better. He also has a great eye for really good customer service, which is very helpful when evaluating a site.

When it comes to betting at online casinos, Paul is a fan of multi-hand blackjack. He finds that it has the best odds for the players who pay attention and work hard to win. When it comes to sports, Paul is an avid Aston Villa fan. We find that a bit odd, but every man has to have a team to root for. He lives in London so he can be near his adult children and his two grandchildren. He’s a fan of going out for a couple cheeky pints and watching football in his local pub. He may have been an executive but deep down, he’s just a normal guy.

His experience is essential to our reviews of customer service teams. He knows when it’s not their fault that they are doing badly. He can also see when it is there errors and not the errors of management. That gives him a good perspective he can share with us on why a customer service team is faltering.

We hope to work with Paul for years to come. He brings a different set of experience to the game and one that has helped us shed light on where problems are really coming from. Paul is one of the good guys from the casino world – which is rarer than you would think.

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