Katie Johnson

London, UK QA Specialist

Katie is a stealth operator. Casinos hire her to test out their customer service teams. They don’t realize it, but at any minute Katie can be on the site pretending to be a real customer. She’s impersonated both men and women, and once even pretended to be a problem gambler to see if customer service would send her resources for help or offer her more incentives to keep playing.

She says her acting background is what makes her so good at her job. She loves playing whatever part she’s assigned herself on a given day. It can be an ignorant gambler who doesn’t understand the system or a high-level VIP. Katie knows what to look for in a customer service team and what makes them shine and what can trip them up.

She lives in London with her wife and their adopted daughter. When it comes to casino games, Katie likes the newer ones with storylines and the chance to win big with mini-games. She’s also a big fan of Joker Poker and knows all the angles to give herself an advantage. When it comes to sports, she’s a big fan of Rugby League. But her real passion is becoming someone else, tricking them and then finding out what they are really like.

In her off time, she is part of several local community theatre groups, sometimes on stage and sometimes working backstage. It’s all the same to her as long as she is able to contribute to the performance.

Katie is a very highly valued member of our team and we are happy to have her. Her guiding principle is to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. She takes that attitude going into every encounter she has with a customer service department. And that gives her insights into whether or not something is wrong with them. It also lets her know when a casino is getting their customer service done the right way. Katie has a very balanced view of how customer service teams really work. So look out, customer service teams – Katie may be talking to you right now!

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