Karl Hodge

London, UK Professional Gambler

Karl is the punter’s punter. He’s been gambling online since the late ‘90s. He knows all the games and the ins and outs of playing them to win. Whether it’s blackjack, roulette or slots, he’s played them. He’s a member of every VIP club in the UK, and people notice when he steps up to gamble.

Over the years, he’s dealt with every type of customer service problem you can imagine. Some were at great casinos, and some were at dodgy casinos. He even had to deal with actual criminals at one online casino. This has given him a good nose for when casinos are making an effort and when they simply don’t care about customer service. And he’s merciless when it comes to bad casinos with subpar customer service. He expects to be treated well, and there will be hell to pay if he’s not.

In real life, he’s the perfect gentleman. He’s very kind and always willing to lend a hand to a friend who needs help. He simply doesn’t like being taken advantage of. When it comes to sports teams, he’s a supporter of anyone he thinks is likely to make a win against the odds. He has no favourites; he simply likes sussing out a situation and then making the right kind of bet. When it comes to slot machines, he’s a fan of the old school three reeled fruit machines. He finds that they require less attention in order to win and don’t distract you with mini-games.

Karl has travelled the world playing at different casinos. But in the past two years, he’s settled down in London to help take care of his ageing parents. And we are glad he did because he’s a real asset to the team. Karl still gambles quite a bit, but generally ends up on the winning side of any sports bets he makes, which allows him to throw a bunch of money into the slots chasing a win. He’s the perfect guy to have on board when we are rating the customer service of various casino sites.

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