John Simon

London, UK Customer Support Manager

John has worked as a customer service manager for three casinos over the past 12 years. In general, he knows what goes into running a good customer service department for a casino. He knows that customers can be very difficult and demanding, but that a strong customer service team can calm down, even the most demanding player.

He’s helped train hundreds of customer support workers and believes that teaching them how to be good at their jobs is a fundamental need for casinos in particular. John believes that when a customer service department fails, it is a result of bad management. He believes that most people want to do their jobs well – but some are just not given the tools to do so. In that sense, he’s our advocate for the customer service workers. He knows that amount of pressure that can come down on them. And he knows that without the proper support from management, they will provide bad customer support. This gives us a unique perspective on what’s going on with the customer support teams we review. John believes that with the right motivation any customer support team can become great and deliver that extra mile of customer service that really makes a difference.

When it comes to sports, John is a Yankees fan. We don’t understand exactly what America has done with rounders, but John has figured it out and watches every game on his Sky box in London. He’s tried to explain the game to us many times, but it all quite frankly goes above our heads. But we like him, so will take in a game with him once in a while. When it comes to gambling, he’s a fan of single deck blackjack. We like that game as well, which is part of the reason we don’t make fun of him too much for his baseball compulsion.

John brings a great perspective to our reviews of casinos and is much appreciated around the office. We hope to spend the next few years working together. And maybe we’ll eventually understand baseball. Or maybe not. But we’ll try!

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