Jody Gross

London, UK Customer Support Specialist

Jody Gross has 15 years’ experience in website customer service. She started back in the early days of the Internet when companies were first setting up their customer service departments. She has grown with the industry and seen how it has changed over the years. This gives her a unique perspective on what is good customer service and what is terrible.

Jody is very driven and detail-oriented and knows that the little things can build up and eventually ruin a company’s customer service department. She believes that customer service should be what a company primarily invests in. No matter how good your product is, Jody believes that poor customer service will sink your company. After all, problems happen and if you can’t handle them when they do you are going to leave a bad reputation behind.

She has worked with all sorts of companies on their customer service – not just online gambling websites. She believes that all of them face the same fundamental challenges – what to do when a customer feels like they’ve been wronged. She is an expert at figuring out what happened to lead to a problem with customer service and exactly what you need to do to fix it. Her years of experience in various industries gives her a unique outlook that we are glad to have at our company.

When it comes to gambling herself, she prefers to play various slot machines. She likes to mix it up and so doesn’t have a favourite one. Jody is not into sports, but we are trying to get her to pick a team to root for. It hasn’t happened yet but you never know. Jody lives alone with her three cats and one dog.

She believes in taking life as it comes and tackling any challenges she has to face. Jody does not believe in quitting ever. And that’s a good quality to have when you are investigating customer service. She’s our go-to woman when we can’t figure out why a site’s customer service just isn’t working out. She is a proud member of our team and we are glad to have her.

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