Bob Wong

London, UK Gambler

Bob is just a regular guy – and that’s why we have him on board at CasinoYell. All of our other experts have experience in customer service or the casino industry. Bob does not. He’s just a regular punter. And that is why he is valuable.

The rest of us are all involved in our experiences in the past interacting with casinos. Even if just as players we are VIP level players. Bob isn’t. He spends about 40 or 50 quid a week on gambling just because it’s fun. And that perspective is crucial for us. He lets us know what a regular punter is worried about when it comes to customer service.

The rest of us can come up with a question that’s designed to trip up a customer service representative. Bob simply has a simple question and wants a simple response. That means that Bob can tell us what regular punters are really looking for. He’s our sounding board when we have real questions about what goes on with casino customer service. How would it affect Bob? What would his reaction be? That allows us to see customer service in the casino industry the way it effects average people. And that is really valuable information.

Bob bets on sporting events once or twice a week. He plays the odds and sees what happens. He’ll also spend about 10 pounds a week at blackjack, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. He’s a fan of the Dead or Alive slot machine and has done fairly well at it. He lives in London with a roommate and likes to hit the local pub when a game is on. He’s a Manchester City fan and will generally bet on them in any reasonable match.

We are very grateful to have his perspective on customer service at casino websites. He sees things that we would miss. He’s also able to tell us when we find a problem if it’s a big deal or something not likely to come up very often. He tempers us in that way. We are very glad to have Bob as part of our team.

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