Are they polite? 6/10
Do they give bonus in chat? 6/10
Are they fast? 6/10
Are they good at their job? 7/10
Is their English adequate? 7/10
Does the chat start quickly? 7/10

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We live in a world where marketing people think that just by making something pink it will attract women. They've done it with razors and shaving cream. They've done it with toothbrushes. So it's not a shock to find out they've done it with a casino. Quite honestly, it is insulting to women everywhere. If you want to make a product female friendly, do something other than just making it pink and slapping pictures of ladies on it. Women are not that dumb – particularly those coming to an online casino. This is 2019 not 1955. Women deserve better. Instead of just being the Pink Casino, try to find a way to excel that casinos that target men don't do. Have great customer service. Don't simply be a completely average casino dressed up in pink. Women know when they are being pandered to and don't like it. Grow up and get with the modern era.

Questions and Answers


Are they polite?

They are right down the middle of the road. They were not rude. But they didn’t go the extra mile to help us.


Do they give bonuses in chat?

No. They did not give any bonuses in chat. That’s to be expected from this completely average casino.


Are they fast?

Once again they hit the average button on this one. They could have been slower. They could have been faster.


Are they good at their job?

They are decent at their jobs. They seem to have been trained to exactly the level where there is nothing to complain about.


Is their English adequate?

Their English is fine. No problems there. They clearly understood all of our questions and were able to respond.


Does the chat start quickly?

The chat loaded up and connected us with someone very quickly. That’s one of the good things about Pink Casino.


Support review

A casino website marketed only to women? We don’t really see the point of Pink Casino. It’s exactly like a regular casino, except it has a picture of a woman checking her phone and a pink background on every page. Presumably female gamblers are welcome at any casino, so what’s the point of trying to appeal to women? It seems odd.

But in general, Pink Casino is odd. You’d think that in trying to appeal to women, they’d have great customer service. They don’t. Their customer service is just average. And sometimes, below average. But this is what we’ve come to expect from most casinos.

Sure, there are some out there with great customer service but what you get from Pink Casino isn’t one of them. They hit the middle at all levels from politeness to speed. They never excel. But maybe they don’t think they have to since they are the only casino out there marketing specifically to women.


Pink Casino Sign up and Login

Signing up for a new account is as you would expect – simple, just like every other casino. You'll get a pink sign up screen. Enter your username, real name and other details they ask for. Once you are signed up, logging in is as easy as entering your username and a password. Then getting to live chat once you are logged in is easy. And though Pink Casino is marketed to women, it will let you log in even if you tell them you are a dude. We are really unclear as to what makes this casino female-friendly. Just putting on a pink background on an otherwise very average casino site doesn't do it. We'd really like to know what these people were thinking of creating the Pink Casino. Nothing other than the pink colour allows it to stand out.

Pink Casino No Deposit

You do get a £10 bonus just for signing up without having to make a deposit. That's great, and something more casinos should be doing – whether they are marketing to men or women. There are no free spins on sign up, but as you play you'll notice lots of free spin offers. Most of them are geared toward you playing the Starburst video slot. Once you've made your first deposit they will match it up to £50. That's like everything else on the Pink Casino site – completely average. There are casinos that give you less money, but also casinos that give you more money. At least they aren't charging you a Pink Tax! But honestly, how dumb do they think women are that they will choose a casino simply because of a pink background? It makes no sense nowadays for people to buy into that.

Are they polite?

Their level of politeness is average. They did respond to all questions but in a very neutral tone. There was no sense of friendliness or pink lady-to-lady contact. It was just, “Here is the answer to your question.” That's not bad, but it doesn't exactly set Pink Casino apart.
comment Support chat

Kassie: Hey, do you guys offer any no-deposit bonus just to see what pink casino is all about?

Ema: Hello we do I will get this information for you now

Kassie: Great!


Ema: Here are a link to the terms of the no deposit bonus


Does Pink Casino give bonuses or promo codes in chat?

No casino seems to do this anymore. It's part of a bygone age, long forgotten to the sands of time. We look back in fondness at the days gone by when casinos would give you bonus cash if you asked for it. Now that time is gone like the wind on a spring afternoon, never to return.
comment Support chat

Mary: hi
Mary: i like your website very much and i am curious do you give any free bonuses to your customers?
Teresa: For security can you confirm your full name, date of birth and postcode please?
Mary: i am not a registered user yet
Mary: so do you give any free bonuses to your customers? some free spins maybe
Teresa: You will receive a welcome bonus when you sign up
Mary: that means i have to deposit? or it is a no-deposit welcome bonus
Teresa: It is a no deposit welcome bonus when you register your card to your account. You will receive a £10.00 free no deposit bonus

reply time

Are they fast?

They are neither fast nor slow. It took about a minute or a minute and a half to get an answer after we asked a question. There are faster casinos and there are slower ones. Averages is exactly what Pink Casino is about. They are not willing to soar like an eagle, but neither are they willing to go to the bottom.
comment Support chat

(06:12:32) David: What does Hi-Lo Gambler mean?
(06:14:45) Ryan: It is a category of game that we offer, when you are on our main game menu games are categorised and you will be able to view them by this i.e -Hi-Lo, Casino, Live Casino, Slots
(06:16:01) David: And what is the difference between these games and regular slots?
(06:16:44) David: Have never heard about them before
(06:17:34) Ryan: Hi Lo Gambler is based on the concept of trying to guess what card will come up next from the dealer.
(06:17:43) Ryan: Quite often known as higher/ lower
(06:18:05) David: Oh, I see. Is it live game?
(06:18:42) Ryan: It isnt live, full info for it can be found here-
(06:19:11) David: Thanks


Are they good at their job?

With a casino and bingo this average, Pink Casino is doing exactly what you want them to be doing. They are neither friendly nor hostile. They just answer your questions. So we guess they are good at their jobs, but they are not stellar.
comment Support chat

Jess: I see. Do I have to verify my account first to deposit on pink casino?
Rachael: Our automated checks will verify the account upon registration, should they not be able to do this we would ask you for some documents to verify the account.
Jess: What kind of documents?
Rachael: We would require either a, Passport/Driving Licence or Birth Certificate to verify your date of birth We would also need to verify your Proof of address with a utility bill, Bank Statement or Government issued letter.
Jess: Ok, thank you, Rachael, you are very helpful 🙂


Is their English adequate?

Their English is fine. They are clearly native English speakers. They provide exactly what you want the way you ask for it. Like in all other things, they are average. Perhaps they feel that striving to be better would turn women off. Or perhaps they are just boring.
comment Support chat

Jess: Hey, what is your deposit offer on pink casino?
Rachael: We have a non deposit offer, whereby you just need to register a card and we will credit the account with a £10 free welcome bonus. We also have a 100% deposit match bonus up to £50.
Jess: Will this 100% offer do on my first deposit only or I can qualify whenever I want?
Rachael: This is only for your first deposit, there is another very similar also available to you once you have made a deposit though.
Rachael: I have attached a link for you , this takes you to the correct page on the website. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions.

starrt time

Does the chat start quickly?

The live chat opens very quickly and there is someone to talk to you right away. What else would you expect from a place as average as Pink Casino? They simply do their jobs and then go away. This isn't bad, but it doesn't recommend them, either.
comment Support chat

(06:09:14) *** David joined the chat ***

(06:09:14) David: Hi, what is your pink casino welcome offer?

(06:09:17) *** Ryan joined the chat ***

(06:09:23) Ryan: Hello, my name is Ryan. Thank you for contacting Live Support.

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