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John Carmel
Professional Gambler
Customer service is the backbone of any company. They can have a flashy, ultra modern website – but that means nothing if it's not backed up with good customer support. Customer support tells you exactly how committed a company is to really helping their customers. Sadly, it's often the last place where most companies invest their money. And it shows up down the line, because everyone eventually has some problem with a casino they need to have addressed. Online casinos need to realize eventually that they need to invest as much into customer service as they do into the games they provide and the look of their website.
politeness Are they polite?
The way the online casino treats their customers is one of the most important aspects.
bonuses Do they give bonuses in chat?
This factor shows their commitment to keep their loyal players and attract the newcomers.
reply time Are they fast?
Nobody wants to wait around forever for a responce after every single question.
knowledge Are they good at their job?
This gives you a unique and a balanced perspective on their experience gained.
literacy Are they literate?
Do they speak English well? You don't want to get stuck with people who can't communicate.
starrt time Does the chat start quickly?
Understaffed customer service departments often take a long time to talk to their customers.
Katie Johnson
QA Specialist
We've looked at what makes or breaks a company. And not surprisingly, it all comes down to customer service. Any casino can be a decent casino on a good day when all of their games are running smoothly. But a great casino is one that has measures in place to deal with customers on a bad day. That's when the going gets hard, and you see the cream of the good casinos rising to the top. And as customer service goes down, people talk about it to their friends and on chat forums. And that lowers the reputation of the online casino. Meanwhile, news of great customer service will spread like wildfire too. Companies just have to learn to prioritize it.

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